10 Day Treadmill Workout Plan To Lower Blood Sugar

Day 1: Warm-Up Walk - Start with a gentle 5-minute warm-up walk on the treadmill to prepare your body for exercise.

Day 2: Interval Training - Alternate between periods of brisk walking and jogging for 20 minutes. This helps improve insulin sensitivity and lowers blood sugar levels.

Day 3: Steady-State Cardio - Maintain a moderate pace for 30 minutes, keeping your heart rate elevated but sustainable. This promotes glucose uptake by muscles and improves overall cardiovascular health.

Day 4: Hill Climbs - Incorporate incline intervals into your workout, simulating uphill climbs to challenge your muscles and enhance glucose metabolism.

Day 5: Rest Day - Give your body time to recover and repair from the week's workouts. Engage in light stretching or yoga to promote flexibility and relaxation.

Day 6: Tempo Run - Set a challenging pace slightly faster than your usual, maintaining it for 25 minutes. This increases calorie burn and improves insulin sensitivity.

Day 7: Long Slow Distance - Take it easy with a longer, steady-paced walk or jog for 45 minutes. This helps build endurance and promotes fat metabolism, which can aid in blood sugar regulation.

Day 8: High-Intensity Intervals - Alternate between short bursts of high-intensity running and recovery periods. This type of workout is highly effective for lowering blood sugar levels.

Day 9: Cross-Training - Mix things up by incorporating other forms of cardiovascular exercise, such as cycling or swimming, to keep your workouts exciting and effective for managing blood sugar.

Day 10: Cool-Down Walk - Finish your 10-day treadmill workout plan with a relaxing 10-minute cool-down walk to gradually lower your heart rate and prevent muscle soreness