5 Ways To Boost Collagen Production In Skin

Aloe vera

Wounds have traditionally been treated with aloe vera gel to promote healing and comfort. When used topically or even consumed internally, the aloe vera plant promotes the formation of collagenTrusted Source, which is why it helps heal cuts and burns.

Foods rich in vitamin C

A necessary component for the production of hyaluronic acid is vitamin C. Hyaluronic acid has been promoted as a means of reducing joint discomfort and expediting the healing process.


Ginseng helps skin retain its natural form and absorbs into the skin without having the negative side effects that many chemical medications have.


The herb cilantro, sometimes referred to as coriander leaf, is frequently used in cooking. It has vitamin C, which has been connected to increases in the synthesis of collagen.


Ingredients derived from marine plants are increasingly being used in beauty regimens. This is due to the fact that "oxidation," or the skin's exposure to external factors like pollution, which can impair cell growth, is the primary cause of skin damage.