7 Effective Ways To Melt Your Love Handles Fast

Downsize your plates.

You have to adjust the size of your plate before you can adjust the size of your waist.

Go dry for three weeks every month.

We're not advocating that you end your relationship with your go-to pinot forever, but it's time to explore other options!

Have your veggies before your meal.

Developing this habit is a wise move, as the fibre in vegetables will help you feel fuller without consuming a lot of calories.

Make smart drink choices.

Just as alcohol can thwart your attempts to lose weight, so can soda and other high-sugar drinks.

Consider intermittent fasting.

An eight-hour window between 16 hours of fasting and eating is a frequent pattern for intermittent fasting.

Kick up your daily cardio game.

It's time to really ramp up your cardio, so lace on your trainers. By doing this, you'll be able to create a calorie deficit that will help you lose weight and permanently melt your love handles.

Use the teaspoon when dining out.

When dining out (or even at home), the teaspoon is a commonly misinterpreted kitchen tool.