7 Fun Cheap Date Night Ideas You'll Love

Explore your City | Go on a Walk

Walk around your neighborhood.  Enjoy discovering a new neighborhood in your city!  The only need is to hold hands!

Go on a Picnic

This easy activity is great for hanging out together!  We often order Domino's pizza or sandwiches instead of bringing everything to switch things up.

Go Hiking

Hiking or walking trails may be a nice way to spend time together even if you're not outdoorsy like us!  We did this on many of my favorite dates.


Like treasure hunts?  Geocaching together is ideal!  Don't understand me?  Find out how geocaching works.

Go for a bike ride

Have no bikes?  Bike rentals are inexpensive and convenient in many places, making city exploration entertaining.  You may also borrow from pals!

Game Night

Play some classic games like Uno, Scrabble, or Monopoly!  Avoid getting caught up in competition!  Like us, that may be difficult!

Go Through Old Photos

Walking down memory lane is great!  Share anecdotes and old photos from before you were together. Look back at images from your early years together to remember.