7 of Our Best Cold Lunch Ideas

Hearty Muffuletta

With cold meats, cheese, and olive salad piled inside of an Italian bread shell, muffulettas are a dish that is particularly well-known in Louisiana.

California Roll Wraps

The California rolls that I receive at sushi restaurants are among of my favourites, and I wanted to create a sandwich that would capture those flavours and allow me to bring it to work.

Gyro Salad

You will like this garden-fresh salad that has ground lamb, crumbled feta cheese, Kalamata olives, tomatoes, and a dressing that is creamy and tangy if you are a fan of gyros.

Golden Beet and Peach Soup

As a result of the many peaches that our two trees produced during one particular summer, I had a lot of fun trying out a variety of various recipes.

Salmon Salad Sandwiches

The salmon, cream cheese, and dill that are snuggled inside of a crusty bun are some of our favourites. A satisfying crunch is provided by the carrots and celery.

Marinated Sausage Kabobs

The conversation at the party will revolve around these colourful and tasty appetisers since they are so much fun. And they are so simple to put together; just put them together the day before

Grilled Chicken Ramen Salad

The fact that this chicken ramen salad is a three-course dinner in a bowl is one of the reasons I like it. Since it is a response that does not occur every night, I am grateful for the compliments