7 Old-School Dating Rules We Can't Believe Existed


In the past, it was common for couples to be chaperoned on dates, especially if they were young or unmarried. This practice aimed to ensure propriety and prevent inappropriate behavior.

Calling Cards

Before the age of smartphones, potential suitors would leave calling cards at a person's home to express interest or arrange a date. This formalized approach to communication seems quaint in today's era of texting

Strict Gender Roles

Traditional dating often adhered to strict gender roles, with men expected to initiate dates, pay for meals, and take the lead in relationships.

No Physical Contact on First Dates

Old-school etiquette dictated that physical contact, such as kissing or holding hands, was inappropriate on first dates.

Waiting for the Man to Make the First Move

Women were often expected to wait for men to ask them out or make romantic advances. Today, many women feel empowered to take the initiative in dating

Keeping Relationships Secret

In some circles, it was taboo to openly discuss romantic relationships, especially in the early stages. Couples might keep their dating status private to avoid gossip

Parental Approval Required

In the past, parental approval was often considered essential for a relationship to progress. Couples might seek the blessing of their parents before becoming officially engaged