7 Rare Photos From Princess Diana s Wedding You ve Never Seen Before

A Royal Engagement

The iconic sapphire engagement ring, now worn by Kate Middleton, was first showcased by Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer at Buckingham Palace.

First Date As An Engaged Couple

Princess Di wowed in a black dress for her first outing post-engagement, making a stunning statement at London's Goldsmith's Hall.

A *Very* Important Approval

Prince Charles, Diana, and Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace post-wedding approval. Tension lingers?

Practice Makes Perfect

Diana & Charles exit St. Paul's Cathedral after their first wedding rehearsal on June 12, 1981 47 days before the big day. Practice makes perfect!

The Final Dress Fitting

Diana exits Emanuel's after her last wedding dress fitting, just a week before the big day. The suspense builds!

The Dress...

David & Elizabeth Emanuel, designers, crafted Lady Di's iconic gown, shrouded in secrecy until unveiled on her wedding day at St. Paul's Cathedral.

...And Accessories to Match

Princess Diana's outfit shines with heart slippers by Clive Shilton, a lucky horseshoe sewn into her gown, and lacy umbrella and pochette.