7 Supermarket Purchases That Are Completely Pointless

Pre-cut Foods:

While convenient, pre-cut veggies and fruit can cost up to three times more than their whole counterparts. Save money by buying non-cut versions and dedicating some time to preparing them for the week.

Out-of-Season Produce:

Avoid buying out-of-season produce, as they tend to be more expensive due to being shipped from farther away. Opt for seasonal fruits like apples and oranges to save money.


Spices by shopping at discount grocery stores or specialty stores like Asian markets, where they are often available for much lower prices compared to supermarkets.

Snack Packs:

Snack packs may offer convenience, but they come with a premium price tag. Save money by investing in reusable containers and portioning out snacks yourself.

Individual Servings:

Skip individual serving packs of rice, quinoa, and other foods, as they can be significantly more expensive compared to buying in bulk and portioning them out yourself.

Microwave Popcorn:

Instead of buying pre-packaged microwave popcorn, opt for kernels in bulk, which offer more servings for a similar price and allow you to control toppings and preparation.

Name-Brand Cereal:

Brand cereal by opting for generic or store-brand options, which are often significantly cheaper than name-brand varieties without sacrificing quality.