7 Tips to Care for Your Pets in Summer

Watch Out for the Symptoms: In case of a heatwave, the pet may undergo unusual panting, drooling, or increased heart rate. So, if you keep your pet outside ensure that are they resting in shade.

Feed the Right Food: In summers, feed your pet with fruits and vegetables that have a high level of water. Consuming it helps the pet to remain hydrated and also gives balanced nutrition.

Maintain Personal Hygiene of Pet: Who all does not love grooming? We all do, just like you, your pet also needs to love, care and groom. It may include something as basic as brushing

Get Rid of Parasites: It’s prudent to protect your pet from lice, fleas, and ticks. Remember, that ticks are most active from March to the mid of May and then from August to November.

Keep a Check on the Weight of the Pet: During winters, there are chances the pet may up some weight. Summer is the right time for them to exercise and remain in the best of their shape and keep healthy.

Keep Those Paws Cool: In summer, surfaces like metal or asphalt may get hot. The concrete slabs which are generally used to make pavement are directly exposed to the sunlight.

Do Not Leave a Pet in Car: Always refrain from leaving your pet in a closed car. It may lead to suffocation or sometimes a heatstroke as well. The temperature usually inside the car reaches up to 40 degrees Celsius