7 Viral Wolf Cut Inspirations to Wow Us Throughout 2024

Sassy Wolf Cut Hairstyle with Double Contrast: It's hard to ignore this bold blue accent against silver hair, but we also love the powerful fringe and gentle layers.

Chunky Wolf Cut on Brown Hair: This hairstyle miraculously transforms a thick mane into a gorgeous frame for strong bone structure with plenty of bits and pieces around the face.

Ethereal Short Wolf Cut with Highlights: Have your hairdresser trim it finer and highlight it for an airy style to avoid looking brutal.

Mesmerizing Wolf Cut for Long Hair: Platinum blonde strands are meticulously chopped to leave lengthier crown layers and choppiness around the face.

The 70s Inspired Wolf Cut with Curtain Bangs: Even with Farrah Fawcett-esque flirtatious parts around the face and a big fringe separated in the middle, the hairdo feels undone and modern.

Blended Copper Layers with Metallic Shine: For this zingy design, blend your layers uniformly throughout the length instead of having the top and bottom visibly detached.

Lived-In Hairstyle for Thick Manes: Smart layering removes bulk and taper cutting creates waves even in straight hair, so you can easily achieve the I woke up like this appearance.