7 Worst Places To Travel In 2024


Bordering Russia, Belarus faces possible conflict spillover and poses a high risk of arbitrary detention for foreigners due to its current government's practices. Better alternative: Poland for rich history.


Ukraine remains perilous due to ongoing war, with frequent missile and drone attacks even in major cities like Kyiv. Safer choice: Romania, known for its medieval towns and beautiful churches.


Syria s ongoing civil war since 2011 makes it highly dangerous for travel, with risks of kidnapping, injury, and strict visa requirements. Safer alternative: Lebanon offers ancient towns and scenic hiking trails.


Iraq, including Kurdistan, suffers from regular bombings and attacks, making it unsafe for tourists. Safer option: Jordan, especially the historic city of Petra.


Iran s threats of terrorism and challenging visa requirements make it risky, especially for women. Safer choice: Azerbaijan, known for its stunning landscapes.


Afghanistan, under Taliban rule since 2021, is highly unsafe for foreigners with risks of kidnapping and severe restrictions on border exits. Safer alternative: Nepal, famous for its majestic mountains.


Yemen is embroiled in armed conflict with dangers from bombings, land mines, and kidnappings, making it unsafe for travel. Better option: United Arab Emirates for its futuristic cities.