8 Beautiful Orange Cat Breeds

American Shorthair

Orange tabby cats with a classic, mackerel, or ticking tabby pattern may be produced from this well-liked cat breed. 8 to 15 pounds on average (males are usually bigger and larger than females)

British Shorthair

Another popular cat breed, British Shorthairs, may produce both solid orange and orange tabby cats. 11 to 22 pounds, somewhat above normal (males are usually bigger and heavier than females)

Maine Coon

Maine coons have a remarkable look and are rather frequent. One of the biggest kinds of domestic cats, they are frequently referred to as "gentle giants." Large, between 10 and 16 inches tall


Persian cats may be orange or any other hue. Quiet, quiet, quiet, kind, gentle, preferring a calm environment, and loyal to human friends. A thick, silky, long coat that requires frequent brushing and grooming

Scottish Fold

In addition to their characteristic folded ears, Scottish Folds come in several colors of orange. Playful yet kind, kind, gregarious, loving, and nice with kids and other animals. Loves being with people.


Munchkins, distinguished by their small legs, may also be orange in color. 5 to 9 pounds, below average (but weight varies with age, sex, and genetics). 6 to 9 inches for short cats.


Manx cats may have solid orange coats or orange tabby markings. 8 to 12 pounds on average (males are usually bigger and larger than females). A range of hues and designs, including bi-color, calico, tabby, solid colors, and more

Cornish Rex

Cats of this breed with their characteristic orange hair may be found. A distinctive, short, curly, and soft coat with a velvety, suede-like feel; in colder months, you may need to wear a sweater.