8 Best Outdoor Cat Houses for Adventurous Kitties

Cape Florida Beach

This roofed cat house with a scratching pad and a second-floor porch for bird watching keeps your cat and friends comfortable and dry.

Petsfit Weatherproof Cat House

The brand of our top pick also makes this single-cat wooden A-frame cat shelter. Its lower size makes it cheaper and easier to fit in a yard or patio corner.

New Age Pet ecoFLEX Albany Outdoor Cat House

The business says their plastic-wood polymer combination won't decay, distort, split, or attract pests. 

K&H Pet Products Outdoor Heated Kitty House

With over 6,300 five-star Amazon ratings, online users say this house is durable and holds up well in cold weather if covered. 

Petsfit Four-Level Outdoor Cat House

This multilayered shelter can keep a small colony warm and dry if you have a family of cats and room for a five-foot cat house.

Kitty Tube Outdoor Insulated Cat House

It looks like an outdoor grill, but this outdoor cat housing keeps cats warm and dry all winter. 

Aivituvin Catio

An outdoor patio may be your cat enclosure. Indoor cats enrich themselves outdoors in catios.

PetsCosset Outdoor Cat House With View Door

They like to stare down from above. A sheltered view from the second storey makes this outdoor cat housing appealing.