8 Caramel Hair Color Trends to Bring to Your Colorist

Subtle Chestnut Caramel

Make chocolate strands look richer with a low-maintenance chestnut caramel colour. For subtle but obvious hair colour changes.

Melted Cinnamon

A caramel-cinnamon melting look gives chestnut brown depth and fluidity. The warm, inviting effect of this combination suits many complexions and hair textures.

Golden Caramel

Welcome a warm, golden-flecked brown like an autumn sunset. The gentle gold tones bring warmth and vibrancy, suitable for autumn or year-round brightness.

Face-Framing Caramel

Put caramel highlights around your face to freshen. This approach improves facial characteristics and adds depth and contrast to your haircut.

Caramel Blonde

Gold caramel blonde gives brunette hair a glow from within. This colour alteration gives brunette hair a young, sun-kissed look.

Angled Caramel Bob

Add caramel highlights to an angled bob for flair and portability. The caramel accents enhance the bob's sleek lines, providing a sophisticated, modern style with minimum styling.

Toffee Balayage

For a bold tortoiseshell mane, mix chestnut, toffee, caramel, and gold colours. This multi-tonal method provides complexity and richness, great for bold hair colours.

Burnt Caramel

Burnt caramel and cinnamon highlights enhance lob-length hair. The striking colour combination provides your haircut sophistication and drama, great for making a statement.