8 Must-try French Manicure Ideas

Classic French manicure

A manicure done in the traditional square style will never go wrong. It resembles the classic French manicure more, with square-filed nails adorned with a band of white tips and a nude pinkish base.

Almond-shaped French

An additional classic manicure that never goes out of style is the almond-shaped manicure. Your technician must file your nails into an almond shape in order to create the French tips and apply nail lacquer in this manner.

Rhinestone French

You would adore the rhinestone French manicure if you enjoy keeping things elegant and refined. It's just a standard French manicure with gorgeous rhinestone accents in certain areas.

Geometric French

The traditional French manicure and geometric French are comparable. However, the technician applies the French tips geometrically rather than horizontally.

Accent French

For a distinct style, you should also attempt the accent French manicure. Similar to the almond-shaped French manicure, the accent French style has conventional white French tips on some nails and a single color polish on others.

Square long French

Try the squares long French manicure if you prefer somewhat longer nails. Longer nails and larger French tips are hallmarks of the sophisticated manicure style.

Colored French

The multicolored French pattern is perfect for those who don't mind experimenting with hues. The French tips in this style are not always white; instead, they can be fashioned with different, more vibrant hues.

Tortoise French

Another classic French manicure style that is popular among ladies is the tortoise French. French tips in the shape of a tortoise's back are featured in the design.