8 Plants That Repel Pesky Earwigs


Peppermint works best, but those who can't grow it may sprinkle a few drops of essential oil about their garden beds to deter pests.


As with peppermint, lavender has a strong scent that repels insects. However, lavender is adored by most people for its relaxing scent.


These flowers are helpful beyond beauty. These golden flowers may eliminate earwigs. This flower will attract earwigs' natural predators but not repel them.


The vegetable bed has fresh dill (Anethum graveolens). The Apiaceae family produces annual herbs. Fresh herb growing. Gardening with green plants


Eucalyptus is popular for its relaxing scent, but it may help discourage nuisance insects. Sheikh et al. found that eucalyptus essential oil repelled mosquitoes.


Like marigolds, alyssum attracts earwigs' natural predators to your garden. Tachinid flies, which control earwigs and other pests, love this bloom.


Fennel is a great earwig-controlling herb. This plant is another tachinid fly favourite, and having it around can minimise nuisance insects.


This plant is famous for its powerful scent, and although many people love it, many insects hate it. Earwigs in particular seem to be repulsed by wormwood, and planting it in your garden