8 Reasons Your Adult Children Want Nothing To Do With You

It's not about "sensitivity." Even after apologizing, abuse left scars, Neuroscience News reports. Instead of seeking retribution, survivors must separate to recover.

You were physically or emotionally abusive

Being a parent doesn't justify constant negativity. Despite your disagreement, adult children need room to choose their own path. Unexpected criticism, especially from them, kills relationships.

You constantly criticize their choices

Bypassing their unambiguous no demonstrates deep disdain. Adults choose their contact, holiday companions, and more. Demanding your way assures that they'll retreat.

You refuse to respect their boundaries

Openly labeling one sibling the good one causes lifelong bitterness. Children need unconditional love, not competition for your love. 

You play favorites among your children

Apologize for the specific harm you caused. No accountability, even for years past, gives the message that their sorrow doesn't matter.

You never truly apologized for past mistakes

Watching someone self-destruct is heartbreaking. To maintain their sanity, adult children must frequently withdraw.

You re addicted to substances and refuse to get help

Criticizing their parents in front of the grandkids is disrespectful and chaotic unless there is abuse. Adult children have every right to defend their authority.

You undermine their parenting in front of their kids

You tire others with your theatrics and craving for attention. Adult children want fun holidays and gatherings, not emotional management.

You make every family get-together about you