8 Recipes for Your Derby Day Buffet

Kentucky Pecan Pie

For your next party, try this rich, deep Kentucky pecan pie. It has a lovely dark chocolate filling with toasted nuts. Emily Baldwin, Fort Collins, CO

Easy Pimiento Cheese

Every decent Southerner has a simple pimiento cheese recipe. It tastes great on crackers, in a sandwich with a fresh summer tomato, grilled cheese, or plain. Josh Carter, Birmingham, AL

Kentucky Hot Brown Sandwiches

Like the Kentucky Derby, Hot Brown Sandwiches are popular. Food bloggers occasionally stack turkey and gammon, but we prefer without. With a salad, this sandwich is filling.

Mint Julep

Kentucky Derby Day wouldn't be complete without this mint julep! This Kentucky Derby mint julep recipe works anytime. Taste of Home Test Kitchen

Bourbon Ice Cream

Brown sugar adds caramel flavour to this luscious bourbon ice cream. Before adding the custard to the ice cream machine, adjust the bourbon to taste. Taste of Home Senior Food Editor Peggy Woodward

Shrimp Cocktail

In the 1960s, prawn cocktail was a favourite party snack. It makes a terrific Kentucky Derby party dish and munchie. Peggy Allen, Pasadena, CA

Benedictine Spread

We made this Kentucky cucumber spread in our Test Kitchen. Serve it as a sandwich stuffing or appetiser dip.Taste of Home Test Kitchen

Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Cheesecake

The Kentucky bourbon pecan cheesecake will wow your visitors and taste senses. Serve during spring's Kentucky Derby or other memorable occasions. Rashanda Cobbins, Taste of Home Food Editor