8 Simple Ways to Focus on Whole Foods Instead of Clean Eating

Eat more vegetables and fruits

To eat a nutrient-rich diet, you should choose foods that have been prepared little and are high in nutrients that come from food.

Limit processed foods

Ultra-processed foods may be high in sugar and sodium and lack nutrients. Restrict their consumption.

Read labels

Check labels to make sure packaged produce, nuts, meats and other goods include ingredients you want.

Limit refined carbs

Lack of fibre and minerals makes refined grains inflammatory. Thus, lightly processed grains are better.

Choose oils and spreads wisely

Highly processed margarines and vegetable oils raise disease risk. Choose low-processed oils and fats.

Reduce your intake of added sugars

Sugary foods might cause health problems. Limiting intake and using different sweets may help.

Limit alcohol consumption

Alcohol increases the risk of various diseases, although moderate wine consumption may safeguard heart health. Alcohol should be limited in clean eating.

Substitute vegetables in recipes

To improve the nutritional content of a clean diet, substitute pasta, rice, and other refined grains with vegetables.