8 Strength Workouts To Boost Your Muscular Endurance


Improve core endurance with planks; aim to increase hold time gradually, starting from 45 seconds for beginners.


Enhance upper body endurance with push-ups; challenge yourself with higher rep ranges for continuous improvement.


Boost abdominal endurance through sit-ups and crunches; progressively increase repetitions to achieve greater endurance.

Bodyweight Squats

Strengthen legs and improve endurance with bodyweight squats; maintain slow, controlled movements for effective muscle engagement.


Target legs, enhance balance, and improve stability with lunges; focus on form and depth to engage supporting muscles.

Loaded Carries

Develop full-body endurance with loaded carries like farmer's walks; adjust weights to target specific muscle groups and strengthen grip.

Kettlebell Swings

Build power and core strength while enhancing muscular endurance with kettlebell swings; adjust intensity by varying weight and repetitions.


Increase upper body endurance with pull-ups; progress by adding weight or increasing rep range for continuous strength gains.