8 Things People Pack but Never Use on Vacation

Anything irreplaceable

Unfortunately, thieves exist. You've heard of rogue baggage handlers rummaging, but remember the pair who left Phoenix's Sky Harbour with 1,000 bags?

Valuables with no ID

This is common at TSA security checkpoints, but it doesn't explain why their Lost & Founds contain expensive devices.


No wine, liquor, or other breakables should be packaged. Liquids above 3.4 ounces won't pass through security in a carry-on, but checking a bag is risky.


TSA will throw away too-large items. Lotion explosions may occur in checked bags. Sunscreen is available in big box drugstores everywhere.

Reading material

Like everyone, I adore books' weight and texture, but not when travelling owing to weight and space.

Too many shoes

Wear a pair, pack a pair is recommended. Wear the heaviest on the plane.

Hair dryer

Since even the least budget motels have dryers in their bathrooms, don't you think your family might too?

A 'maybe' outfit

Only the darn-cost traveller or vehicle traveller can afford this luxury. Before packing, carefully sort your clothes into those you'll wear and those you might.