8 ways to get Korean glass skin

Dead skin cells and other buildups on the skin must be removed to make it clean and perfect. Other skincare products absorb better after exfoliation.

Exfoliate away

Mostly, the toner was made of alcohol. Because toner is made with alcohol, it can make skin dry after use. In Korea, toners are not thought of the same way as they are in other places.

Application of toners

We wouldn't know what essence is or what it means because we aren't familiar with Asian skin care. Essence is not a liquid; it is a water-based thinner.

Usage of essence in skincare routine

When we talk about how to get glass skin glow, serum and face oil are very important. Most of the time, serum doesn't keep your face moist.

Following essence with use of face oil or serum

We should use a smooth, soft lotion on top of everything else. This quickly makes our face feel better. We should only buy lotions that are light, gentle on the face, and soak quickly.


In Korea, you can't finish your skin care procedure without sunscreen. This is something that all Koreans will have because it is a must-have for them.


Koreans love sheet masks; it's their favorite part of taking care of their skin. As soon as we put them on, they make our skin feel and look smoother and healthier. They have a lot of different things in them

Face masks

Firstly take a bowl, add half a cup of avocado puree, add olive oil 1 tablespoon in it, honey 2 drops. Then stir and mix it well.