9 Garden Design Ideas That Will Get You Growing

Vertical Gardening: Utilize vertical space by growing plants on walls or trellises, maximizing space and creating a visually striking garden.

Container Gardening: Grow plants in containers of various sizes and shapes, perfect for small spaces like balconies or patios.

Herb Spiral: Create a spiral-shaped garden bed with different levels, allowing for a variety of herbs to be grown in one compact area.

Pollinator Garden: Design a garden filled with flowers and plants that attract pollinators like bees and butterflies, promoting biodiversity and aiding in plant growth.

Kitchen Garden: Plant vegetables and herbs in raised beds or designated areas close to your kitchen, making it convenient to harvest fresh produce for cooking.

Fruit Tree Espalier: Train fruit trees to grow flat against a wall or trellis, saving space while adding visual interest and providing delicious homegrown fruit.

Edible Landscape: Integrate edible plants into your landscape design, combining beauty with functionality by planting fruit trees, berry bushes, and edible flowers.

Rain Garden: Design a garden that captures and filters rainwater runoff, promoting water conservation and providing a habitat for moisture-loving plants.

Wildflower Meadow: Allow a portion of your garden to grow wild with native wildflowers, attracting beneficial insects and creating a natural, low-maintenance habitat.