Beautiful Cities In Greece That Deserve More Love


Piraeus, Greece's third largest city, is a historic port city just southwest of Athens. It boasts religious landmarks and the Archaeological Museum of Piraeus.


On Crete's northwest coast, Chania has a rebuilt lighthouse and a bustling Old Venetian Port with stores and restaurants. Its cobblestone streets and old-world charm draw visitors.

Agios Nikolaos

Located on Crete's coast, Agios Nikolaos is renowned for its beautiful beaches and serene coastal villas. The fall season offers exceptional natural lighting for photography enthusiasts.


Pyrgos, nestled in Santorini, is one of the island's highest villages, offering panoramic views of Fira and Oia. Its ancient streets are steeped in Greek history and culture.


Rethymno, known for its Renaissance and Ottoman architecture, features a historic lighthouse and picturesque cafes lining narrow cobblestone streets in the Old Town district.


Situated along a lake in northwestern Greece, Kastoria is known for its Byzantine churches and stunning views of Orestiada Lake and the Grammos and Vitsi Mountains.


West of Athens, Patras is a bustling port town with attractions like Saint Andrew Church, Apollon Municipal Theatre, and the scenic Spinney hill offering panoramic views.


Nafplion's mediaeval Old Town in the eastern Peloponnese has Turkish fountains, neoclassical buildings, and cobblestone lanes. Sunset views of Venetian castle Bourtzi from the promenade.