Best Fall Flowers to Brighten Up Your Garden With Warm Hues


Brassy and warm marigolds bloom throughout the season, making them simple to cultivate and popular. They thrive in full sun and can tolerate hot summers into the autumn, making them a popular choice in Texas.


Your warm-toned garden will get purple bursts from these plants in summer and autumn. They grow quickly and have tasty blossoms. Violas like damp, acidic soil, so a peat-based potting mix or peat moss is preferable.


Petunias bloom from spring until frost, making them a favorite garden flower! They're fantastic for hanging baskets, but they require full sun and won't thrive well in porch shadow. Petunia seeds are tiny, like dust.


These attractive perennials bloom early to midsummer and withstand winter freezes. They have papery pink, purple, blue, and white flowers (soil acidity determines bloom color). They thrive in partial shade and are simple to grow.


As beautiful as they are, shrub roses (landscape roses) need little care. The newer hybrid roses are stronger, have longer blooms, and are more disease-resistant than the old ones.

African Daisies

Many buyers assumed African daisies' bright petals and shiny centers were colored when they initially appeared. They thrive in full light and blossom shortly after planting. You may also attract bees with them.

Blanket Flowers

Blanket flowers are daisy-like blossoms in warm yellow and red that spread out and "blanket" an area. As long as the soil drains, they grow in full sun and poor soil without fertilizer.