How Do I Know If My Dog Is Happy? 8 Signs of a Happy Dog

Getting lots of sleep

Happy, healthy adult dogs sleep several hours daily. After a day of jogs, fetch, and other enjoyable activities, your dog may be exhausted. Instead of pacing the home, she may be asleep on the bed, sofa.

Soft, relaxed eye contact

Dogs make eye contact when they trust you, so those adoring stares you exchange after a long day of hanging out are evidence of a happy canine. Happy dogs have gentle, relaxed eye contact and blink regularly.

Good behavior on walks

Dogs are fascinated by mailmen, squirrels, unusual smells, and more! Sometimes they must follow their doggie hearts (and noses) to chase what interests them.

A healthy appetite

Every dog eats differently. Some graze, while others eat rapidly. Content and healthy dogs have excellent appetites regardless of how fast they eat. A change in eating habits may indicate sickness or dissatisfaction.

Wagging tail and body

The most common indicator of a happy dog is a wagging tail. While every dog breed has a uniquely calm tail posture, joyful dogs usually elevate their tails. A delighted dog's entire body wiggles with his tail.

Floppy ears

Ear forms vary by breed, but happy dogs have relaxed ears that lie naturally against their skulls. Hyper-interest and tension are indicated by forward or back ears.


Have you wondered whether zoomies indicate a happy dog? Answer: yeah! Zoomies, or unexpected bursts of excitement and rushing, are a fun way for dogs to express their delight.

Smiling expression

In addition to her lips, her eyes gleam and her ears perk up when you enter a room. Even amid routine tasks, happy dogs smile. Your dog may have raised mouth corners when delighted.