How to Do Gradient Nails with Gel Polish

Base Coat

Apply and cure a base coat under UV/LED light. Gel nail polish is new? Read our instructions on how to apply it.

Choose Colors

Select your gradient colours. Blending is simpler with similar-finish nail paints. Try sparkly finishes as you become used to gel.

Apply Gel Nail Polish

Apply the first shade to the base of your nail and the second to the edge until they meet at the centre. If you're confused what colours to use, consider Whispered Lore or our most popular nail polish colours.


Brush the two colours together. To blend well, the ideal blending brush has delicate, wispy bristles. A more uniform mix may be achieved using our Short Detailer Brush.


Cure the blended gradient layer with UV/LED. We recommend our Mini Gel light for professional-looking gel nails at home without a light.


Perform steps 3 5 until your gradient gel nail style is complete. After curing the final colour layer, seal your nail art with a top coat.