Meet the beauty icons of the 1960s

The quintessential blonde bombshell of the 1950s, Monroe's fame endured until her tragic death in 1962, often credited with influencing the sexual revolution of the '60s.

Marilyn Monroe

Hailing from Italy, Loren epitomized timeless grace, rising from humble beginnings to global recognition as both a stunning beauty and accomplished actress.

Sophia Loren

Another blonde icon of the 1950s and '60s, Mansfield gained fame as a Playboy Playmate and actress before her life was cut short by a fatal car accident in 1967.

Jayne Mansfield

A lasting icon for over six decades, Fonda gained prominence in the '60s with her portrayal of the seductive Barbarella, leaving an indelible mark on film and culture.

Jane Fonda

This French actress, known for her beauty and talent, mesmerized audiences with her captivating performances in roles of mysterious characters, working with esteemed directors throughout her career.

Catherine Deneuve

 Rising to fame as a British model during the mod era of the 1960s, Twiggy's iconic pixie haircut propelled her to stardom at a young age.


 Known for her endearing and relatable comedic roles in '60s films, Hawn has maintained her charm and appeal over the decades.

Goldie Hawn

Though her role in 'One Million Years B.C.' was brief, Welch's unforgettable presence in an animal skin bikini made her an instant beauty icon, with her posters adorning walls worldwide

Raquel Welch