The 8 Greatest Small Cars Ever Made

Austin Seven (1922)

Ford put Americans on wheels with the Model T, and Austin did the same in England with the Seven, which BMW and Rosengart licenced and Datsun imitated.

Fiat Topolino (1936)

Fiat's initial 500, a two-seater with a 569cc side-valve engine producing 13bhp, was better than walking or riding a horse and offered as a Simca in various countries.

W Beetle (1938)

Despite its noisy air-cooled rear engine, “The People's Car” made cheap mobility possible with its economical, practical design and unmistakable form, selling 21 million units from 1938 to 2003.

Renault 4CV (1947)

Nicknamed ‘the lump of butter’ due to its shape and yellow paint from German Afrika Korps, the 4CV was a cheap people's car for the French.

Volvo PV444 (1947)

The first Volvo unibody without a frame, influenced by American style, had 44–70 hp engines for US vehicles and over 200,000 were made before the PV544.

Citroën 2CV (1948)

A true people's car with a stripped-down, ingenious design, produced for over 40 years with around four million built, still having a massive following.

Morris Minor (1948)

With nearly 25 years of production and the first to sell over one million copies, this British car is known for its excellent steering and handling but average performance.

Austin A30/A35 (1951)

Launched at the 1951 Earls Court Motor Show, the “Baby Austin” sold over 200,000 units with 42mpg economy and a 0-60 time of 42.3 seconds.