The 9 States With the Most Waterfalls in the U.S.


Wyoming has 400+ waterfalls. Hidden Falls in Grand Teton National Park, Undine Falls, and Kepler Cascades are among them. These need imagination and skill to locate.


Tennesse has 525 waterfalls. Burgess Falls, Cummins Fall, and Ruby Falls are famous. Like every state, some waterfalls are more famous than others, like Smithville's Carmac Falls or Belvidere's Falls of Jericho.

North Carolina

North Carolina's "Land of Waterfalls." Brevard has 250+ waterfalls. State has lots to explore. Catawba Falls, Sunburst Falls, Roaring Fork Falls, Crabtree Falls, and Paradise Falls are must-sees.


Colorado has 566 waterfalls, but only 81 have recognised names. Famous falls include Bridal Veil Falls, Alberta Falls, Rainbow Falls, and Helen Hunt Falls.


Montana has 120 identified waterfalls and 807 seasonal and nameless waterfalls as of 2021. Kootenai Falls on the Kootenai River, Crow Creek Falls, and Woodbine Falls, which amazes tourists, are popular.

New York

The state of New York has 902 waterfalls. Rainbow Falls in Watkins Glen State Park, Chittenango Falls, Ithaca Falls, and Middle Falls at Letchworth State Park are all popular.


There are 1,619 waterfalls in California, including seasonal and nameless ones. Southern California has Black Star Falls, Bonita Falls, and Dana Point Harbour Falls.


Oregon has 1,876 falls. Latourell Falls, Metlako Falls, Tumalo Falls, and Wahkeena Falls are famous. Sweet Creek Falls, Hug Point Falls, and others are lesser-known.


Alaska features 2,013 waterfalls and is perfect for nature enthusiasts. Thunderbird Falls, Russian River Falls, Pitchfork Falls, Nugget Falls, and Ketchikan Creek Falls are renowned state waterfalls.