These 8 Inverted Teacup Bobs Are The Cutest Bobs You ll Ever See

Inverted Teacup Bob with Side Part:

This bob features a soft side part, adding volume and movement. Layers fall above the shoulders, suitable for medium to thick hair. Slight waves enhance natural texture, flattering oval and heart-shaped faces. It's elegant and easy to style.

Sleek Teacup Bob for a Sophisticated Look:

Falling just below the chin, this sleek bob has subtle waves for gentle volume and texture. Ideal for fine to medium hair, a center part adds symmetry and complements oval and heart-shaped faces.

Inverted Teacup Bob with Subtle Balayage:

Enhanced with subtle balayage, this bob has soft waves and layers for beautiful texture. Perfect for medium to thick hair, it suits oval and round face shapes. Minimal upkeep required for a sophisticated look.

Teacup Bob with Dimensional Lowlights:

Enhanced with dimensional lowlights, this bob has layers falling at the jawline, suitable for medium to thick hair. Slight waves add texture and movement, ideal for square and round face shapes.

Inverted Teacup Long Bob Haircut:

A modern twist on the classic bob, layers fall just below the shoulders, adding volume and movement. Suitable for fine to medium hair, it's sleek and perfect for oval and heart-shaped faces.

Romantic Teacup Bob with Curls:

Soft, bouncy curls create a glamorous and timeless look. Ideal for medium to thick hair, curls add volume and texture, flattering round and oval face shapes. Perfect for special occasions but requires regular styling.

Inverted Bob with Sleek Styling:

A sophisticated choice with a clean and structured appearance. Chin-length cut suits fine to medium hair, while a deep side part adds elegance. Ideal for oval and heart-shaped faces, minimal styling required.

Inverted Teacup Bob with Peekaboo Highlights:

Elevated with playful peekaboo highlights, this bob has layers falling at the jawline, suitable for fine to medium hair. Soft waves create a dynamic look, flattering round and heart-shaped faces.