Why We Decided To Make A Living Overseas

Adventurous Wanderlust:

Our love for travel has taken us from Australia to Europe, even after welcoming our son, whom we've integrated into our backpacking adventures.

Life-Changing Events:

After health scares and realizing the toll of constant travel for work, we decided to explore living abroad for a new perspective and better family time.

Search for the Perfect Home:

Seeking ideal conditions like good schools, low cost of living, and proximity to beaches, we found our dream spot in the Algarve after exploring several Central and South American options.

New Life in the Algarve:

Our move has enriched our son's education among diverse peers while enjoying mild winters and vibrant green landscapes despite occasional rain.

Making a Living:

While my husband works remotely for a California-based company, I've ventured into entrepreneurship in Portugal, starting a business that connects locals with reliable services.


The low cost of living allows us to thrive on a single income, affording a spacious rental, affordable groceries, and comprehensive health insurance.

Transformation in Lifestyle:

Our Portuguese adventure has shifted us from hectic California life to leisurely mornings, family dinners, and a more relaxed pace for our son, away from screens and into outdoor play.